Thursday, May 7, 2009

Back to Work

I am back at work! In many ways it has been a great homecoming almost more like coming home than coming home was. I am constantly counting my blessings that I work in such a great place. They held my office and job for me while I took 14 months to fight cancer. My co-worker Matt kept in touch with all of my clients and helped them when they needed it. To me that was one of biggest gifts that I have ever received.

I work as mortgage consultant for Bentley Mortgage and Real Estate Services. I have to say that I picked the best possible 14 months to take off of work. Everyone that isn't living under a rock knows, the mortgage and housing industry did almost the same thing I did; It took a trip to the brink of death and then started to come back again. Thanks to the efforts of the Obama administration and sagging economy, business is back up for us. I returned to a busier office than I have seen in several years.

Much like myself the industry has changed as well. The mortgage industry was suffering from lack of regulation greed and the bad behavior that comes with a lack of discipline. I think of it like a room full of 5th graders when the teacher leaves for too long and there is an unlimited supply of candy in cupboard. Some of the kids are going to take full advantage of the situation to do whatever they want to do. Other kids are going to behave the way they know they should and just wait for the teacher to come back.

Now the teacher is back and she brought the principal and the superintendent of schools and the school board and they are doing a study as to why the kids acted the way that they did. They have cracked down and reinstated all of the rules that they should have been enforcing in the first place, plus some more that don't make sense. The thing is, anyone knows what happens when you leave a group of kids alone in a room with no supervision and lots of temptation.

I was there for the end of the party and missed the big bust. Now, as I come back, all the rules have changed and I have to re-learn my job. The basics are all the same but there all sorts of new nuances. Of course, that follows the same theme that I have been living since the Bone Marrow Transplant. I have new body as well. It is 30 pounds lighter, significantly more weak, and can't remember random things.

I also have a fairly new outlook on life. I've always been grateful for what I've got. Now I am even more that way. I also am living life day to day, moment to moment, doing what I can, when I can and trying to do my best at everything. Even though I am in remission, I will most likely die from complications from multiple myeloma at some point. Maybe next year, maybe 20 years from now. The point is, I (just like you) have a limited amount of time left in this life and I am more aware of that now.

I am all about quality time. Time with my kids. Time with my friends. Time doing things for myself. Time helping other people. Time enjoying the beauty that the universe has to offer.

Thanks for reading