Thursday, June 4, 2009

Back in the Boat

Hey Y'all. Once again I've been gone way too long but I've been busy. Not sitting around in pain and a fog of morphine. I have crossed over to feeling more recovered than recovering. My weight is back on, I've gone for a couple of easy bike rides. Moreover I am back running whitewater in my kayak! I cant tell you how much better it is to be sitting in a little boat than a hospital bed. I am not strong at all but my time in the boat has built good technique so I can fake it. I still have the goal of Leadvillle 100 at some point in the next couple years but for now running Chili Bar is the best.

Things round the house are getting better. It has been a dog tough year and a half for all of us. The level of PTSD that we have been feeling is decreasing. We are planning vacations and enjoying each other's company again.

Work is great. I am getting back into the swing of things and reconnecting with old friends that started as clients. In fact kayaking and work seem to coincide... The other day I was paddling with two different friends that started as clients. Thanks for the paddling Ray and Traci.

Gratitude is the name of the game. I feel good almost all the time, even when I feel bad. I had a headache this morning and I didn't really care. I have had a cold for a week or two and I don't really care. I am alive and there is so much to do! Anyone want to go paddling? Drop me a line. I'll try to get some paddling pics to post