Wednesday, May 21, 2008

News and Jerseys

I am feeling really quite good lately. I had a massage from Heather F on Monday and that just pushed me into a place of less pain and more mobility than I have felt for a long time. I have a new mantra that seems to be working. It goes like this:
I am ready to feel good
I am ready to be pain free
The cancer is leaving my body
I am returning to normal.

There is not a lot to report on the medical front. I did have IV Chemo again last Thursday. It went a lot better than last time I was only sick for about 3/4 of a day instead of 4-5 days. There was a big fiasco with it though. The new Chemo that we switched to takes 2 hours instead of 1/2 an hour. However the doc forgot to tell the Chemo nurses about the change and it looked for a minute like we might have to come back at a later date. That was a big problem. The chickenhawk works really hard to schedule child care and all of the needs of the family when I go in for Chemo. If she would have had to re-do that it would have been a major problem for her. The chemo nurses were cool, they made the doctor beg and then we went ahead and did the infusion, no problem. Poor c/h though, she was really upset.

I am not sure why I am feeling so much better. It might be because the frontline therapy (oral chemo) is really working and kicking in. It might be because I am taking some new phosphorus supplements and it might be a combination of all of the above. Whatever it is, I'll take it.
I am worried about my left femur these days. I have been feeling more and more pain in the hip there and there has been some pretty bad bone loss from that area. My fear is that I'll break that leg. That would put a real damper on my recovery, not to mention my quality of life.

So we went to see the Radiation Onclogist today to see if there is anything that can be done about it. He does not see a tumor there to aim radiation at but many of the images that we have are from back in January or February so we are going to do some more testing, CT Scan, and bone scan as well as X rays etc. Fun stuff. I do feel like I am getting really good care though.

For the past two years I have had custom jerseys made for my riding group Velo Loco. This year I haven't had the energy to do that. I've been busy you know... This year is going to be different. I have asked Matt Barnes to help me out with a new Jersey project.
In the past the jerseys have just been available to the Velo LoCo riders. This year we are going to do the jersey's as a fund raiser to benefit my foundation. So they will be available to the general public. Here is what they looked like in the past

This year we are going to do a redesign. I will post artwork as soon as I have it finalized. The new jerseys will be the same blue color with the same double stripe on the sleeve there will still be the patch on the shoulder that says 49 which is for Highway 49 that runs from Yosemite north through the Coloma Lotus Valley and up to Tahoe. The big white stripe in the middle will be accented top and bottom by thick fight-cancer-yellow stripes. Under the words "Velo LoCo" in a smaller font it will say 'puddin riders'. On the pockets in the back in big yellow letters it will say: Ride Hard, Fight Hard!
We are using a great custom Jersey Company called Champion Systems. They are the same company that I used for last year's jersey. I have been very happy with their quality. The owners of the company have been touched by cancer and are very supportive to my cause. They make jerseys for much of the pro peleton including Toyota United and Jelley Belly as well as others. They fit snug like a good jersey should, they are full zip and they are relatively inexpensive compared with many other custom jersey companies. Cost for the Jerseys will be in the neighborhood of 70-75$. I am looking at selling them using a paypal account.

The proceeds of the sale of these jerseys will go to my foundation. I will use the money for several purposes. First off I will cover the un-reimbursable expenses of my upcoming Bone Marrow Transplant which will include travel and housing for myself as well as my care takers while I am away at Stanford. I will also use some of the proceeds to make sure that my kids are well cared for and entertained by family and friends while I am away at the BMT. After that I plan on using any left over funds as seed money for LoCo Care.

I have written about LoCo Care before. My vision for LoCo Care is a community assistance organization designed to help out folks in the extended Lotus Coloma Community that suffer from catastrophic events.

If you are interested in getting a Jersey I would greatly appreciate it if you could email Matt Barnes. I am going to spell out his email address so you that the spamers wont pick it up. You will have to add the @ symbol instead of the word "at" and make it all one word like a proper emaill address here it is:
barnesmatthewf at yahoo dot com.
Get it?
This is not a commitment we are just trying to get an idea of how many folks will want to get a jersey so that we order appropriate quantities. Please tell him if you want a women's or a men's jersey and what size you want. Again they fit snug so whatever size jersey you regularly buy is the size you'll probably want to get. Please realize this is not a final order this is just us trying to get an idea of how many people want the jerseys. We will set up a real order form with paypal in the near future. If you just want to donate money to the cause there will be a way to do that without buying a jersey please check back in about that.

OK that is enough for now. thanks for reading.

Last mintue news. The doc fromm Stanford just called. We are looking at starting the BMT in early July! Not as soon as we had hoped for but now we have something to schedule around.


Anonymous said...

We are going to start looking "PRO" with our new jersey set up. Spencer got my address in the posting. I also have the ability to post on the Velo LoCo blog. As information comes about I will post there. I will also respond to your email orders as I get them.


bikesgonewild said... good to read this positive post & mantras are a great way of constantly reinforcing & focusing w/ out driving yerself nuts & yers is a good one...

...jersey's...well, ya know, i can't think of a cyclist who ought a' be wearing a jersey that sez "velo loco" on it, more appropriately than bikesgonewild AND if it's gonna say "puddin' riders" in reference to yer sorry ass, then my sorry ass is gonna be wearing one for sure...

...(((maybe the whole website name should be on there so other people can reference it, yes ???)))...

...anyway, spencer...when you've got time, go to " " wherein you can get a "dollar" assessment & traffic rank of any website on the intertubes...this shouldn't break yer heart too much but yours only comes in at $146 & it's ranked 16,777,215...

...hey, i think it's worth millions & it's #1 in the hearts of those that count, bud... guys stay good & stay strong...see ya...

Anonymous said...

Hi Spencer, I wanted to share something that has helped me tremendously with pain. I had rheumatoid arthritis a while back and had joints in my body that really hurt. I visualized, with my eyes closed, my heart sending a very healthy 'pack-man' down my arm to one of the painful sites, for example. There the pack-man nibbled at the problem hurting me and believe it or not the pain went away. The RA is gone now but I occasionally get a pain in one joint and I visualize the same way and the pain goes away. It has been truly a remarkable find for me. Give it a try and let me know if it helps at all. We are thinking of you always and hoping the BMT does it for you. Love, Sally Fenton

Judi said...

The massages help a lot. I am just so glad to hear that you have been feeing good. I like your mantra.

I am going to try and scrape up some cash for a jersey when they are ready too.