Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When you have almost died, everything in life looks a little bit brighter, a little bit shinyer and a little bit happier. Then you go to Maui and it is like whammo! I felt like I was in the emerald kingdom of OZ. The greens are greener, there is a rainbow around every corner. The whales were leaping like lizards on a hot plate. The ocean was that special blue that is only reserved for HDTV ads. The kids had an awesome time, the grownups had an even better time.
A New Turn On:
I paddled an outrigger canoe for the first time, thanks to my old friend Leo. I am smitten with the sport. It is aerobic, it happens in the water and it has that hypnotic stoke of a technique based repetitive motion that melts the miles away. It is such a stoke that I might have to change the name of this blog to the puddin' canoeist. OK, I did do it in ideal conditions including 70 degree water and whales swimming up to me. Nevertheless, I am hooked. I have been really frustrated by my attempts to get back on the bike. The canoe may be a way of moving forward with a new fitness activity without the grief I've been feeling for the loss of cycling power.
I came home with a batch of poomoania. Whatever, I am now back at work and ready to go. Anyone want to go paddling?
Thanks for reading


LOtB said...

Going forward is going forward, the vehicle can change but we're still going forward!

Annie B. said...

So glad to hear that you and the family are Well. Love and Hugs,
Annie B.