Sunday, November 9, 2008

An Economic Rescue Package to Save the Human Race

Good Op Ed Piece click here
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Pedaldork said...

Just thinkin'. I don't believe you can call yourself Puddin any longer. After what you've made it through, youre going to have to come up with something a little more "tough". :)

Pedaldork said...

Hey Spence, Looks like I'm the only conservative friend you have :) (though I do have some liberal views as well). Just wanted to share this guy

with. Enjoy

Sorelegs said...

Hey PD,
Thanks for the link. I checked out the blog and played the video on the link. Actually I got to about 7 minutes and had to stop...more about that in a second.
That fella spent a lot of time talking about how the liberal media machine has brainwashed so many voters. I just can't see it that way only because the same be said about the other side. For example so many are worried about Obama raising taxes. It is true he will increase some taxes but the average wage earner 95% of the people reading this will have their taxes cut. We are all too ready to believe what we are told by the sources that we are ready to trust rather than really looking at what is being said, Often times that sort of thing (on either side) seems like the pot calling the kettle black.

I turned the video off when the guy started talking about Clinton's impachment for lying under oath. I am sorry but Clinton was backed into a corner by a republican congress that was hell bent on his demise. On the other hand we have Bush who has commited (in my opinion) some serious crimes against the country. There are two reasons that I can see that he has not suffered the fate of Clinton. 1. He completley ripped apart the justice department and implicated some of the leaders in his crimes. 2. When the Dems took over in 2006 they made a strategic decision to not pursue impeachemnt so that they could let the Reps fall on their own sword over the next term to keep the country out of another impeachemnt mess, and not look like sore loosers/winners.

I do have a number or conservative friends. I think most of them think I am nuts. They're probably right.
Thanks for the back and forth.

Pedaldork said...

Hey Spence,

To be honest, I'm not a fan of either party. I do hope and pray that Obama will bring change. I'd even like him to stand up against the likes of Reid/Pelosi. The republicans are just as bad too. Most are so stuck on partisanship that nothing gets done. The average joe is left behind. My aunt was lobbyist and went to Washington as a Republican and left as a Democrat. She has opened my eyes to quite a bit. I do my best to see both sides. Party aside, I do believe Obama cares about our country and he seems to be quite capable of building a good team around him. He's got quite a challenge in front of him. We'll see.

Betty Sederquist said...

I've been following your blog for months and could go on and on about the power of what you're doing. But I'll leave that alone for the moment. I just wanted to underscore that Op Ed piece about 20 times. Climate change is really, really scary and pretty much everything else pales in comparison. Gore's suggestions are excellent and spot-on. I also suggest that you look at the website, Heinberg predicted all this many years ago.

Sorelegs said...

Hey Betty,
thanks for the comment. I am familiar with the peak Oil Concept and that website is unfortunatley all too real and scary. If you look down in my "News and Commentary from outside the bubble" section, there is a link to ClusterF_nation. It is bog by Jim Kuntsler, he is a disciple of the peak oil movement. I first found out about him by reading his article a couple of years ago called, I believe "The Slow Emergency." It is a scary article that depitcs what might happen around the world as peak oil runs its course and we sit on our hands. All scary stuff that makes me want to push our leaders to address these two issue of energy independence and climate change as THE MOST IMPORTANT thing we face as a nation and a species with all other issues coming in a distant 2nd.

Betty Sederquist said...

I finally looked at the ClusterF_nation blog, and wow, he is right on and quite articulate with this stuff. Back in the early 1950s when oil was super cheap, Eisenhower and others (no doubt egged on by auto makers) created the interstate highway system, also systematically shutting down some of the public transportation systems of the time, including many rail systems.

It just boggles my mind that Detroit wasn't been able to create dependable, fuel-efficient vehicles back when. I'm old enough to remember the oil embargoes and long fuel lines of the mid 1970s. The writing was on the wall then, on how OPEC nations control our destiny. (And if there is anyone who doesn't believe that, why didn't we invade Saudi Arabia, home of most of the hijackers, after 9/11?) And that doesn't even begin to get into the problems of global warming/climate change. I just hope Obama is up to this almost-impossible task of turning the economy around and starting in some aggressive directions toward energy independence. His great abilities as an orator will help him, but much more is needed.

Maybe there will come a time when we return to a feudal society and we'll all be patrolling the Coloma Valley edges with AK-47s or whatever. I certainly hope it doesn't come to that ridiculous moment. Kuntsler and Heinberg aren't too optimistic. I'm a peacemaker, not a survivalist, but when those waves of Serrano folks come over the hill, we will have to rethink things. For now, let's not be alarmist, but continue to live as responsibly as we can. I could go on and on, but will stop here.