Thursday, April 9, 2009

You Got to Move

When the Lord Gets Ready,
You Got to Move.

I'm In Tucson hanging with my Mom in her retirement community. It is great she lives on the border of the desert and there is all kinds of wildlife. We just got back from the gym where I was whaling on my pencil thin arms bony shoulder and scrawny back. My goal: to look good naked. Just like Kevin Spacey in American Beauty. I love that movie. Not sure how many times I've quoted it here but it must be a lot.
Who'd believe that this is my life up until now? Cancer survivin' is a real pain in the ass but it lets you get away with all kinds of mischief as well. I wish I could tell the stories here but I wont. Ask me offline.
I am doing really really well. I walked about a mile this AM! I could have done more. What is for lunch?

I think it is going to take me at least another year to get into shape at this rate. Leadville beckons.


Anonymous said...

Spencer im going to sighn up for Led vill next year. I was going to this year but i was to late, you need to regester by feb. Race is in August. Randy

NoTacoHandle said...

Spencer, you rock. "Whats for lunch", that says a lot to me. Leadville, Hmm what an idea.

Sorelegs said...

I'll crew for ya next year inshallah.

Anonymous said...

MOM is very grateful for the opportunity of bonding mom to son.

AKA Granny

bikesgonewild said... may still be having your ups n' downs, bud but the flowers are once again growing in your mind...

...that's a good thing...