Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gettin' Out

After a month of fevers and fatigue, I am feeling better. I am sure the high doses of prednisone are doing the trick and I'll pay for that later. It is 5:45 and there is a steely glow over the blond grey valley where the sun will look over the canyon rim. It has been hot. The weatherman says 104 in Sac valley but my thermometer said it 107 on the patio yesterday.
Right now there is a down canyon breeze knocking doors shut and shaking the tops of the live oak. Cold air dumping down to the valley following the snaking path of least resistance that we call the South Fork of the American.

A month ago I was paddling her. I sure liked it but she seemed fairly indifferent to the caresses of my paddle and boat. The recent illness set me back, but I am ready to go back again soon. Phil loaned me a cool new playboat called the All Star. It has been sitting under a tarp in my yard begging me to take it out. All I can say is soon, jackass, soon.

The ChickenHawk is up in Bend visitng the clan up there. She also went to visit Dave, Suzi and Joey last night. Life is good. The kiddles are camping with Nana and Papa and their cousins. Life is good. I am back at work. LIG. Work is busy. LIG.

I made a killer dinner for old neighbor Seth last night. Tri tip, BBQ corn smothered in melted butter, salt and pepper, and potato salad. His kids and wife are out of town as well. We went over and I got to see the new house they bought a year ago when I was sick. Life is Good.

Tonite I am going out with KT. Bill is out of town. Looking forward to that. LIG.
Ok so it is a slogan off a T shirt but it is working for me.

Mr. Waddles and Mr. Wag Tail are up now and asking for the morning meal. They are the ducks that came to stay at our house this summer. They are really cute. Two males. This is California so they can't be married but they act like they are. I'll post a picture later. I'm gonna go feed them and get on with my day.
Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

wow - i've never missed coloma more.

we are back.

coming your way to stop by and visit when the stars align.

riding daily in my veloloco jersey (honorary degree only).


Anonymous said...

What does LIG mean?
Thanks for dinner last night Spence.
xoxo kt

Anonymous said...

hi... just dropping by!