Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated

Hey There,
It is 7:30 on Saturday night. The C/H just got daughter one to bed. Daughter two is a at a school event. I got back this morning from the Kaiser Hilton. On Thursday evening I was running a low grade fever. We were told by the oncologist to go straight to the ER if I ran a fever so that is what we did. Seth and Noey from next door came over and watched the kids until Mrs. Thomas could get here to spend the night. The C/H drove me down to the ER and they admitted us right away. It was all a haze to me since I took my Thalidomide when we got there and proceeded to fall fast asleep. Ignorance is bliss.

Woke up on Friday feeling just peachy but they didn't want to turn me loose until I pooped. I spent the day taking increasingly more powerful laxatives with the hope of going home to be with the family. Around four in the afternoon it was starting to look doubtful. So David dropped what he was doing to come down and relieve the chickenhawk.

It was funny in a pathetic sort of way. Each time the nurse would bring out the bigger laxative guns they would make a big deal about how I was bound to poop really soon. But I kept exceeding expectations. The last desperate try was a mineral oil enema at about 7 PM. I figured that would blast me out, but by 9:30 still no action. So we bivouaced for the night.

In the AM David scurried over to Starbucks and got me a Venti drip. While he was gone the nurse brought me some prune juice. The combo did the trick and we were on the road by about 9. I spent all day sleeping. I think I'll add prune juice to my morning routine.

I am home, on a new course of antibiotics and feeling a bit tired but no worse for wear and tear. Thanks to David Seth and Barbara for the last minute coverage.

Granny arrives on Monday. I am looking forward to seeing her, Chuck and their new dog Sophie.


Pedaldork said...

Hang in there!! Lord knows the road is going to be rough before it gets smoother. Keep up the good attitude. You gotta keep takin' this thing head on. You gotta kicks it's a$$. Let it know that it picked the wrong body to attack.

BettyBetty said...

Good ol Starbucks!

Anonymous said...

Never thought I'd be greatfull to Starbucks...........
Love you bro`

Anonymous said...

There are probably all kinds of laxatives out there, but something you might add to the prune juice that is consistant and works is enzymes.

I am sending you tons of light and aloha from Maui Spense, Sara and girls...kisses...Jen

Judi said...

Prune juice! Smart move! I know you must be glad to be home. Keep kicking ass Spencer.


bikesgonewild said...

...such a 'moving' post...i felt a little strained waiting for the final result...but hey, the truth came out in the end...good job !!!...

Anonymous said...

hey spencer glad your home. see you soon. Randy

Sorelegs said...

All I can say is Shit Happens

Tourmaline OTC said...

Smooth move, Bro. Yep, nurses got the big guns and Nurse/river guides got the REALLY big guns. Nothing like have roto rooter for a neighbor. Might as well eat lots of corn....advice is free, at least for me. But shit doesn't happen, people make shit happen. So if it's happenin for you, it's cuz you made it happen. Hey, we are scramblin over here to make it safe for you to come hang out. Sorry we've been incognito, but we are here and following along. keep hittin' those quad ventis, add some corn, some psyllium flakes, some mag citrate and you will be decolonified. Don't make me break out the big guns... DRIVE that porcelain bus my friend.
Your pal in poopville,

Anonymous said...

Prayers and warm thoughts from Montana. Feel like we already know you, Sara and the girls thanks to mutual sis, Cris Dawson. Look forward to meeting and rafting together in the near future. Our girls will get along great together. Be strong and kick butt.
The Greenbaums
Stephanie, Larry, Alexandra & Lianne