Thursday, January 17, 2008

More Tests??

Went to the old HMO today. The Orthopedeist looked at both the hip and clavicle. I've been on steroids for 12 days and off the bike for 3 weeks and the hip pain is subsiding. He thinks it bursitis as well and is going to send me for a MRI. With the collar bone he got a bit tripped out. He ordered a Xray right away. It showed poor bone density at the end of the bone and a big old hump in the middle where break healed over. I've got to go for a bone scan soon. Yikes.

The good news is that the hip is healing nicely.

Work is super busy. Interest rates are down. The yield on the 10 year bond closed at 3.62% lowest I've seen in over a year. Go refi your house if you have any equity left. You should be able to get 5.625% or so.

The chickenhawk and I made a date to got to Harbin Hot Springs next month. Looks sweet. Now I've got something to look forward to... That and a bone scan. All I can think about is going here. I haven't so much as looked at my bikes in two weeks. Imagine that.

Today I am grateful for: The fact that I have money to deal with this. The Chickenhawk and her support. The team of healthcare PROs that are working with me. My family and friends.


el jefe said...

Ah, Harbin. I used to live just up the hill in Cobb and then in Kelseyville for a few years. I really miss that part of NorCal. If I could just figure out a way to make a living there... If you like wine, you should make your way down the road to Guenoc (provided they still have a tasting room at the ranch on 121 (might be 128, just south of Middletown). Steele winery used to be towards Lower Lake on 29. Wildhurst was also good. Their tasting room was in downtown Kelseyville last time I was in the area.

Judi said...

Glad the hip is healing! :)

I have an interest rate of 5.75% - have had it for 3 years. Don't think it can go that much lower.

The spa looks wonderful! I wish I could go!