Thursday, January 31, 2008

Report: Whole lotta nuthin

Went to Kaiser this AM for the crucial MRI I have been waiting 8 days for. 8 days of wondering what the hell is up with me. I sat in the MRI tube for a half hour with the thing sound like a bad tunning session at a punk rock sound check. I was calm. The ring on my finger was buzzing and shaking and I was tranquil.

They pull me out of the tube and are getting ready to inject me with some sort of tracer. The guys asks, "do you have any kidney problems?" Somewhat in disbelief I say, "Why yes."
"Oh. I better check with the radiologist to see if we can do this second half of the test."

Long story short... The second set of "contrast" images were not taken. I am trying to find out if what we have is going to work. Essentially, is half the test is going to be enough to move forward? Either that or I have to do a do-over. That potentially means another 8 damn days of waiting for an appointment! Directed rage with nowhere to point it.
I've called all the docs and left messages... heard nuthin back yet. Waiting again.

Bill and a trip to Manderes
Matt for being so freakin' solid
Lisa for her ears
Kelley my hero.
Everyone that has reached out

Thanks for reading

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Judi said...

Get to a Yoga class. It will make you feel better. Dealing with anyone in the medical proffession sucks and I am sorry you have to deal with this. You must be going nuts not being able to ride. Hang tough.