Saturday, January 12, 2008

Populist Messages

The press has been all ga-ga about the primary elections. Obama seems to be a golden boy and Huckleberry is the surprise Republican candidate. Personally, If Obama makes it I'll be OK with voting for him but and if Hillary makes it to the final I'll have a tough decision to make. That is not the point I wanted to make tho'. Obama's message is one of 'Hope' and 'Change.' I'm sorry but I want more than that. I want to shake up the system, Kunslter's latest puts it Beautifully:

Edwards seems to recognize that there are some people -- like the health
executive he cited who retired from his job with over $100 million in
the policy-holders loot -- who don't deserve to come together with anything
except a grand jury. Edwards is willing to gaze past the kindergarten
emotions of primary politics and see the stupendous ugliness and unfairness
of a land that is being sucked dry by corporate vampires. I believe he will
righteously kick their asses, and that they need to get their asses kicked,
so I'm more inclined to support Edwards. I believe he means it, too

Edwards message is distinctly populist. A message of power to the people and not the companies running our so called lives. That about you and me y'all not the corporate bosses. I only personally know one person who is making enough... were talking more than 500k per year, to really benefit financially from the republican agenda (all social issues aside).

Don't like the liberal social agenda Huckleberry is preaching about class warfare as well. I don't like the guy at all but i want to point out that he is pushing a similar fiscal agenda of giving power back to the people instead of the Man. Even the

I find it refreshing that after 7 toxic years of Bushco's ravage of our environment, the constitution and especially the American middle class that there are candidates on both sides talking about lifting up the middle class.

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