Friday, February 1, 2008

Next Step

Met with my primary Doc this AM. We hashed out yesterdays debaucle. It is a good thing they didn't give me the tracer becasue it probably would have jacked me up worse. It is no biggie that the MRI images are substandard. We talked about team management and whose roll is what. I am feeling more of a participant than a victim right now and that is a relief. We still dont know what the diagnosis is and wont for some time. I still have to do some tests. paramount is a bone marrow biopsy. The requests are in for all the tests. I just have to wait for them to be scheduled.
The chickenhawk is coming to all appointments from now on. It is enough for me to keep my shit together right now. Next time something goes weird I'll have someone strong at my side to jump in and help. She is stepping in as my ears and extra brain. I am so frickin lucky to have her.
Went to lunch at Jacks with Curtis Hincapie (nickname). I had BBQ Tri Tip and Garlic Fries. Garlic kills bad stuff right?
I have recieved tons of calls from friends with offers of support and good wishes. I am grateful for everything everyone is doing. Heather, Beth, Jen, Noel, Tori you studly Coloma Lotus moms are showing your mettle. Thanks.
Thanks for the note on the car Mr. Robinson. You may be a quiet guy but you are strong man. Yllib, thanks for listening well.
Matt, I dont know what I'd do without you.


Judi said...

Start taking tumeric. It's supposed to help shrink tumors. Just in case.

Aunt Judy said...

Hey Spencer - Peter and I are really enjoying your blog. We look forward to seeing you next weekend.
Aunt Judy

Tori Robinson said...

Hey Dude,
Okay, I've taken the test three times and I come out John Locke everytime. Puhleeze. Marek is Charlie, twice. What does that say about it? don't sweat the eight days. 8 days don't mean nuthin on the long winding road. patience grasshopper. Don't react to anything until you have a true diagnosis. Enjoy that houseful of womyn that would go to the end of the Earth for and with you and stay focused on the good stuff. Mind over matter. How many times have you gotten over Carson only to go back to Monitor and start over a year later? Who gets you up and over? You do and you do it while Adam beats a pot, Terry pulls you, Chickenhawk jumps up and down and a girl in a polka dot skirt waves at you on your way down the pass she is fighting to get over herself. When you get your diagnosis, you will get a plan and with enough potato chips, cola and etabs, you can get over anything even if we have to push you over. So sack up Chahlie. Swim out the damn porthole and fight for the surface. And we're here to help especially when it involves the art of distraction....
Tourmaline et al

Sorelegs said...

Tor, I am thinking if the shoe fits wear it. (RE; John Locke)
Why the F didn't Chalie swim out the dam porthole? I held my breath each time they swam down there and it was very do-able. Painfully obvious! There in lies the difference between Charlie and me and anyone else that scored as charlie. We would swim out the porthole and to the surface.

Coach Tori you are cordially invited to get up in my face anytime you see fit.
In gratitude,

Tori said...

face schmace. When you are on the other side of this all I want to hear is "didn't get nun on me!" I know how you scored Charlie: you're loyal, do anything for anybody regardless the cost guy. You'd face incredibly impossible odds to do the noble thing with "death on the line!" INCONCEIVABLE! Don't fall for the three classic blunders dude. I like your blog. More later.

Sorelegs said...

I am already well entrenched in a land wae in Asia. If I see any ciclians coming down the road... I am coming over to your house.

Sorelegs said...
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