Friday, February 8, 2008

Hooray, I Have Cancer!

The Chickenhawk and I actually feel like celebrating right now. You might think we are insane and perhaps we are but it feels like weeks of waiting and wondering and WORRYING are over. As I have said in these posts, I am sitting in, conserving my energy and waiting for an opportunity to attack. Well my opponent has shown himself and my team and I are marking him. Our job now is to wear him down and then rip his legs off. Big ring all the way!!

The details: Doctor KT just called. She gave us the cliff notes version of what I've got. KT is my dear friend and first mate who works as a GP at Kaiser. She works two doors down from my oncologist and has been my champion through all of this. She has assisted in coordination of my diagnosis and moreover has been a steadfast friend and interpretor of all the medical jargon. I am really really lucky to have her!

So I have cancer. The doc says maybe some sort of plasmocytoma. All through this the doctors have been talking about something called multiple myeloma; however, many of my test results have pointed away from that, while others have pointed at it. Please note: we are stilll not sure what exactly is up but we do know I have cancer in my blood and that it may be a bone marrow tumor in just one spot rather than all over my body. There are other possibilities as well and we will need to do more testing to find out.

As I type we are waiting for the oncologist to call and give us the scoop. KT's call was just a primer. Sounds like I'll be doing some chemo, radiation, maybe a bone marrow/stem cell transplant. Too soon to tell. My sense of releif is immense right now, now that we know generally what it is.

Last night I had a nighmare that they never could diagnose it and I just slowly got more painful and crappy until I faded away. All the doctors could do was study me and try to learn. That has been my worst fear for sometime. At this point I feel very relieved that I have something to fight!

The calls of support and good deeds pointed at us have been overwhelming.
Curtis Hincapie (a nickname) David and Eric M, came over yesterday and installed the hot tub. No one asked them to do it. They just came and did it. Chickenhawk tried to pay them but they were not taking any money. I'm going to build up Curtis's cross bike for him in return. I need to come up with a 10 speed rear deraileur for it. I think all the other stuff is lying around in the spare parts bucket. Eric, if you are reading, drop your bike off and I'll tune it for you.
Aunt Judy and Uncle Peter
Adam and his counsel
Chuck and Nancy
Cassidy for stepping up and helping out
Everyone at the office
Cris and Mike
I can keep going but this is starting to sound like an acceptance speech.

Dont worry about me I can do this.


bikesgonewild said...

..."hooray, i have cancer"...
...uhh, congratulations ???...

...sorelegs, we don't know each other from adam, other than a few shared thoughts & laughs on a blogsite, but you can be sure my good thoughts for you & your family come from my heart..., corny as it might sound, i'm sending you a tear of my sadness, a deep growl of my anger, to help you stay fired up to fight this & as much peace as i can muster ...

...stay strong, talk w/ ya ...

BettyBetty said...

Oh man. This is not what I want to see in a post title. There isn't anything to say here other than that sucks. Big ring is right....just hope your pedaling on a flat not a hill. You've got the right attitude--just keep us updated.

Sorelegs said...

BGW, Betty,
Thanks for reading and commenting. I truly appreciate the words. One of the things that I miss right now is the banter that happens in a group of cyclists out for a long ride. Cyber banter is a pretty good substitute. Thanks to you and all who are checking in for staying in the pack. It is gonna be a long ride but I reckon we can do it.

lil blue schwinn said...

Well puddin, you're the "big ring" leader, we are on the support team. Tho we are far and away, we will pull when our turn comes 'round. We have begun the spiritual request for support on this journey. Our thanks as well to Dr. KT for keeping you covered and our love to all (puddin, chickenhawk, nieces 1 & 2)- m&c

Judi said...

Hey, you gotta kick it's ass! And you will! You have such a great attitude about it, and you have a wonderful support system. You can beat this shit. I'll be thinking of you and your family and sending some healing thoughts!!

P.S. I was serious when I said tumeric helps to shrink tumors. GET SOME!

Cyndi-LuWho said...

I'm glad that you finally know what you are dealing with. And, I too, am far away but will do whatever I can no matter how big or small. And you are always welcome in my home. It's quiet and close to the beach. And free. And I won't make you listen to Country music. Have some pictures for you but don't have your email. And I don't see anyway to put pictures on this blog. Love you, Cyndi

Annie B. said...

I read down this far and am sad that I learned about it all from an email today but you are right indeedy Mr. Rubin. You can beat this. ANd you will. Annie B.