Thursday, February 21, 2008

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In our house there are jobs that I do, and jobs that the Chickenhawk does. We call them pink jobs and blue jobs. Before you think too hard about who does what, you have to remember that she is a chickenhawk and I am a puddin'. So if it involves tools, it is not necessarily a blue job. I take care of the bikes and the cars. I do some of the home maintenance, but the chickenhawk does most of it. The kid's bedroom door was coming apart at the seams, so Randy came over last night and hung the replacement door that we ordered a few weeks back. That was a pink job: thanks Randy for helping my wife. You are a real man!

Father in law Charlie is right now working on (what I think will eventually be a blue job) managing the chemicals on the newly installed hot tub. Thanks to Eric, Curtis, and electrician Manny for getting that going. Hot water soaks are key for managing my pain but our bathtub is too small; I can either get my legs in it or my body, but not both, and it is very very uncomfortable at this point. So I am really looking forward to the hot tub. Another example of a blue job in our family is cleaning up from dinner. The chickenhawk is a great cook -and I can burn water- so cooking is pink; cleaning dishes blue. Thanks to Nana for doing the blue dish job as of late.

Point is, there are no jobs: blue or pink, that I can do right now. My job is to be a cancer patient. Also, it doesn't pose too much of a problem to sit at the pooter and blog. I can also hold down the couch and watch the Tour of CA but that's about it. I can see a real bright side to that, like, I don't have to do sh#+!$?!?&?!

It really boggles my mind that there are dudes out there who aspire to that. What a ridiculous waste of potential. I'd easily trade with somebody. I could take some fat bastard's body, give him my pain, and then work his fat ass into shape for him, just to get my butt out there. Any of you wanna trade? Bargaining... that's one of the stages of grief isn't it?

Well, that is what I've got for today, other than to say hey to Gretchen, she gave me an awesome massage today. Very different technique, I forget now what it is called, but it is very mellow laying on of the hands. It actually got me out of my body and having full-on muscle memory experiences. I felt myself skateboarding, surfing, sailing, climbing and kayaking. I also felt myself descending a nice smooth single track mountain bike trail. My cancer body was laying on the table twitching with the memories and I would jump back into reality with the big twitches. So thanks Jane for gifting me the massage, and thanks Gretchen for taking such good care of me. It felt good to remember how I used to be.

Nana and Papa
The girls who could do anything they wanted for 1/2 hour today
My amazingly awesome community
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Matt said...

Hey Spence!

Spent most of the afternoon watching the Amgen tour. 7 hours in freezing rain and wind--Hincapie (George not Curtis) drove the break most of the day, but couldn't match the final move and finished 2nd, 29 seconds down. You're tougher than those guys and will find the 29 seconds you need every day. Enjoy the hot tub and stay strong!

Reagan said...

Hi there..I think I found your blog through Fat Cyclist blog and found him through Pioneer woman. I just want you to know that I am admiring your will from afar. It sounds like you have a great support group and a great spirit...Keep it up!!!

Judi said...

puddin', that green bud is the key. Keep up your awesome attitude and I will keep thinking healing thoughts for you.