Sunday, February 17, 2008

Meet Tom and Heather

Here is a post that I was working on before I checked into the Kaiser Hilton.
I mentioned Heather the other day. She has volunteered to give me massages through the adventure yet to come. A gift that I am still completly honored by. Heather is one of the sweetest, kindest women you'll ever meet. She is also the catylyst behind starting my community care group. She lives here in the valley with her hubby Tom and their two great kids. Tom, yes this guy below, he is a nut.

As a cyclist he is, shall we say, reluctant to be swayed by the rigid construscts of cycling fashion. To put it frankly he is a cutter. I know he owns a cycling jersey becasue I gave him one. He even wears it when he rides, sometimes. His idea of during-ride energy food is a slice of peperoni and anchovie pizza wrapped in tin foil and shoved into the jersey pocket. He ususally packs a couple of extras for his buddies.

As a kayaker his is just a bansai mo-fo. That is why he looks like so sweet in this picture. Sounds like he got this shiner by going upside down half-way through a big old drop on Weber Creek on Super Bowl Sunday. He was at Chris and Traci's for the party after. Coach Tori came to his house and pathced his melon up. Because that is what we do around here. Well done Tom. Well done.
I hope for this to be the first in a series of introductions to my community care group.
Thanks for reading Look below for updates.

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