Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Chickenhawk

Many people have been asking me why I call my wife the Chickenhawk. She got the nickname about 8 years ago back when we were doing a ton of mountain biking with Matt from bicycle planet. He gave her the name because she is tiny and completly fearless, just like the character from the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons. She is willing to take on any challenge and usually attacks head on.
So, that is why I call her Chickenhawk. She seems to like it.


lil blue schwinn said...

Thx for 'splainin Ricky, we were way off! we thought maybe it's becuz she's a hawk when it comes to the daughters, or perhaps a political type commentary.

Our catch up: we took the lost test. Mike is Desmond and I am Benjamin (eww!). Should have known-what an odd couple of no-neck bobbleheads we are...

Sorelegs said...

Lil BLue,
I see the benjamin as not for the evil guy part but in the way you would do anything to protect your people.